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Disney-, Marvel-, Star Wars- und Happy Sammies-Schulranzen sind perfekt, damit alle wieder gern zur Schule gehen. Wir bieten PVC-freie Kinderrucksäcken, Schultaschen und -zubehör, die perfekt auf ihre noch kleinen Schultern und Rücken zugeschnitten sind.

Recyclex™ Material Technology. Weitere Einzelheiten finden Sie auf der Produktseite.
Disney Ultimate 2.0 Rucksack S 26.5 x 24 x 11.5 cm | 0.2 kg

Schoolbags for kids

Discover our school bags for girls and boys

Whether your child is mad about Mickey or Minnie Mouse, spellbound by Star Wars or captivated by cute animals, Samsonite’s school bags for girls and boys are a surefire way to bring them both fun and comfort on their journey to school. With their heroes by their side, all our school bags feature attractive prints and padding throughout, offering the best comfort and suitable back and shoulder support for children.

How heavy can a child’s bag be?

As parents and guardians, we are understandably concerned about loading a child’s bag with too many books. But what is the maximum weight a child can carry? The general consensus amongst medical professionals is that children shouldn’t carry more than 10-15% of their body weight. Taking an average 9-year-old weighing 35kg, this means that the total weight of the bag should be no more than 3.5kg – 5.25kg. Considering some school bags for children can already weigh up to 2kg when unfilled, it’s very easy to reach the maximum weight without having packed very much.

It’s always best to check if your child is comfortable carrying their school bag. If they are in pain or complain about the weight, make sure you remove items from the bag beforehand.

Samsonite school bags are specially made with lightweight materials so that children can easily carry them around.